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Suddora Kids Wristband Pair

Suddora Kids Wristband Pair

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  • 80% cotton, 12% spandex, 8% nylon 

  • Soft, looped terry cloth fabric for excellent absorption 

  • Machine washable and dryable

  • Excellent stretch without losing shape

  • Size: 2" x 2.5" 

  • Can also be worn as a fashion statement separate from sports 

  • Ideal for children 5 and younger. Adult size here.

  • Includes 1 pair (2 wristbands(

    About Suddora Kids Wristband Pair

    Encourage your kids to shoot for their goals--literally! At Suddora, we offer the best products to keep your kids active, happy, and comfortable. These wrist sweatband pairs helps little ones stay dry while they work up a sweat.

    They're ideal for all kids' activities, including sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and more. Available in a variety of colors, they can easily match school colors or children's uniforms. Your kids will love them for their soft feel and quick absorption of wetness. Light and easy, they're a must-have for kids of all ages. Bonus: they make a graet fashion statement!

    Category: Headbands, Kids

    Style / Type: Terry Cloth, Thick

    Brand: Suddora

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