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Wide Headbands

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Wide Headbands

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Wide Headbands

Wide headbands are making a huge comeback. Why you ask? Wide headbands make for a great accessory both with your daily wardrobe and for work out purposes. Either way, wide cloth headbands are useful because they make working out more convenient and they can save you from those bad hair days. If you are considering purchasing some of these wide or extra wide headbands, you should be aware of how useful they are as well as how to wear a wide headband, so you reap all the benefits they provide.

Extra wide headbands cover more of your head than your typical headband, therefore they are typically worn a bit differently. Although they are often confused with thick headbands, they could not be more different. Extra wide headbands are great for yoga, running, workouts, or adding a bit of style to your daily wardrobe. Whether you need wide sweat headbands or just a normal wide cloth headband, there are many styles and colors to choose from.

How to wear a wide headband for workouts

Extra wide headbands, wide cloth headbands, and wide stretch headbands are all available here to make working out just a bit easier and more worry-free. For example, if you enjoy running or yoga, wide sweat headbands are ideal for keeping the sweat off of your face and out of your eyes. They are typically stretchy and made of comfortable materials, so you do not have to worry about being uncomfortable.

In addition to keeping sweat out of your eyes, if you have longer hair, a wide stretch headband can prove useful for keeping your hair out of your eyes. After all, the last thing you want to be worried about during your next yoga or running session is what your hair is doing. They are especially dependable when you are in downward dog and your hair tries to surround your face with sweat dripping! Since these extra wide headbands cover so much of your head, it is easy to throw your hair up and utilize the stretchy headband to keep all of those fly-away hairs away from your face.

The best part about an extra wide headband is that it is highly flexible, stretchy, and it can be worn many different ways depending on your preference. For example, you can wear them across your forehead, in a turban-like style, over your hair, or even like a bandana. Extra wide hairbands are extremely effective when it comes to keeping the sweat off your face and out of your eyes, therefore making your workout more successful and convenient.

How to wear an extra wide headband for fashion purposes

Wide stretch headbands are no longer solely used for working out. Headbands are making a comeback in the fashion realm as well. This comeback brings with it many different style opportunities. They can easily be used casually or more dressed up. They also come in many different styles and prints on different materials, so they can match an array of outfits and purposes.

With these wide cloth headbands, you can adorn your outfits with a plethora of styles. They can even be worn in the style of a scarf around your collarbone. With a large selection of extra wide headbands, you can easily accessorize your outfit. Throw your hair up and use it as a wrap around your head. Or, if you grab more of a wide stretch headband, it can be worn from the forehead back over your head—even with a ponytail.

You can additionally wear them as turbans and as protection from the cold over your ears. Do you enjoy the retro 1950’s look? A wide stretch headband can be used like a bandana to recreate that kind of look. Do you want to keep your hair in place? You can use it as a traditional headband behind the ears or around the forehead.

Adding extra wide headbands to your wardrobe

As you can see, extra wide headbands of all types are very functional and diverse. Moreover, they make for great gifts and for a great addition to your wardrobe both for fashion and workouts. Choose from a variety of styles and even materials. Grab a stretchy headband for a tighter fit or a thick cloth headband to make a style statement.