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Suddora Kids Sweatband Set (1 Headband & 2 Wristbands)

Suddora Kids Sweatband Set (1 Headband & 2 Wristbands)

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  • 80% cotton, 12% spandex, 8% nylon 

  • Soft, looped terry fabric for excellent absorption 

  • Available in a variety of colors to match uniforms or school colors

  • Package Includes 1 Headband & 2 Wrist Sweatbands

  • Machine washable and dryable

  • Excellent stretch without losing shape

  • Ideal for Children 8 and younger. Adult size here.

  • About Suddora Kids Headband / Wristband Set

    So many sports, so little time! If that describes your parenting to a "T," it's time to stock up on our favorite Suddora kids sweatbands. Made from super soft cotton material, these sweat headbands help keep your little ones cool and dry while he plays or works out. Don't let sweat interrupt his good time--block it with our fun and functional sweatbands.

    These bands are perfect for a variety of sports and activities, and are sized to best fit a child age 8 or younger. Older children should check out our adult sizes. And if one just isn't enough, browse our multi-pack options to save time and money. Because kids are on the go, and parents just need to keep up! 

    Category: Headbands, Kids

    Style / Type: Terry Cloth, Thick

    Brand: Suddora

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