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Suddora Brazil Sweatband Set (1 Headband & 2 Wristbands)

Suddora Brazil Sweatband Set (1 Headband & 2 Wristbands)

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  • Authentic Brazilian design

  • Vibrant hues that remain colorfast through wear and care

  • Embroidered text and logo

  • 80% cotton, 12% spandex, 8% nylon

  • Looped terry fabric for superior absorption 

  • Excellent stretch without losing shape 

  • Width: 2" headband, 3.5" wrist sweatbands

  • Order in bulk here.

  • Machine washable 

  • One size fits all 


About Suddora Brazil Headband / Wristband Set

Viva Brazil! Perfect for showing your loyalty to the country you love, this set of sweatbands features the traditional colors of Brazil, as well as the national flag. Complete with a sweat headband and two wrist sweatbands, you can wear all three pieces together or separately depending on your needs.

These sports headbands are the perfect way to show off your patriotism during workouts, athletics, or even just leisure. Wear them during major national events such as the Olympics, World Cup, or the country's Independence Day. The rich, bold colors are sure to get you noticed, and your national pride will help give a boost of energy to take your workout to the next level. 

Category: Headbands, WristbandsMenWomen

Activity: Tennis, Basketball, Gym, Running

Style / Type: Terry Cloth, Thick

Brand: Suddora

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