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Yogi Flex (Half Size)

Mandala (Black)
Mandala (Blue)
(Maroon / Yellow)
Lotus (Light Purple)

  • Anyone who frequents the gym or practices yoga is familiar with sweat. In fact, the act of sweating is our bodies natural response to physical activity in an effort to help us cool down. Luckily, the Yogi Flex is here to keep the sweat from our eyes.
  • With ultra-soft, absorbent materials coupled with the perfect amount of elasticity, you can count on the Yogi Flex line of headbands to stay in place while soaking up every ounce of sweat before it becomes an issue.
  • Available in several unique designs, the Yogi Flex headband comes in vibrant designs and colors with one to suit anyone. From rich lotus to classic blue and a unique mandala design, it is easy to pair a headband with just about any active outfit.
  • Due to the soft, well-fitting material and its smart design, the Yogi Flex headband is highly ideal for absorbing sweat before it reaches your eyes. Stay moving with the Yogi Flex and experience real results.
  • Thanks to its breathability and comfort, you can depend on this sweatband to not only stay put while you exercise but to keep you cool so you do not overheat like with other headbands.

Size: 9in L x 10in W

Whether you attend a regular yoga class or you enjoy running with your friends, the sweat produced during active periods can become problematic when it inevitably runs down our brows and into our eyes. Not only does it sting, it ultimately restricts our vision, making it difficult to finish our workouts with any degree of success. Together with the proper workout attire, these headbands are the perfect tool for promoting an effective workout without interference. Available in blue, lotus, maroon and yellow, and a classic mandala design, you can easily express yourself even at the gym. Furthermore, they make wonderful gifts for the active women in your life.

Beyond the comfort they provide, the Yogi Flex offers a whole slew of beneficial attributes that will keep you moving forward until you reach your goals. For example, the absorbency and breathability of this headband allow you to effectively reduce the amount of sweat that reaches your eyes in addition to its ability to cool you down while you work out. Thanks to the elasticity and smart design, you can count on the Yogi Flex headband to stay in place without shifting around, causing further interference. Furthermore, these headbands are highly stylish and will add that much-needed pop of color to your boring workout attire. Do you have friends who like to stay active? The good news is, these are highly affordable and make for excellent gifts!