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Yogi Flex (Full Size)

Mandala (Black)
Mandala (Blue)
(Maroon / Yellow)
Lotus (Light Purple)


Yogi Flex

  • Whether you are an avid cyclist or weekend football player, when it comes to being physically active sweat is the name of the game. In the name of keeping sweat from burning your eyes, Suddora created the Yogi Flex headband
  • Break a sweat while working out in style. With the Yogi Flex headband, you can choose between several different colors and styles, coordinating with your other active wear. Choose between a mandala, maroon and yellow, and more
  • With a totally breathable design, you can count on the Yogi Flex headband to not only keep the sweat and hair from your eyes, but the materials also allow you to cool down before you overheat mid-workout – It’s a true win-win scenario!
  • Our soft, absorbent materials work overtime to ensure that each and every drop of sweat is soaked up long before it runs into your eyes, ultimately stinging and impairing your vision. In fact, with the Yogi Flex, you can allow the headband to wipe your brow for you without missing a beat
  • Do you have different needs for your headband? Luckily, this lightweight, multi-functional head sweat can be worn in numerous styles for several different purposes. Use it as a kerchief or traditional headband. Or you can go further and cover your entire head for running in cooler temperature – you cannot go wrong!

Size: 18in L x 10in W

Product Description

From total head coverage to neck protection, the Suddora Yogi Flex headband is highly versatile and can be worn traditionally as a headband while doubling as several other workout/weather-related functions. Manufactured from soft, breathable materials, these headbands are carefully designed to stay in place while providing the utmost protection from sweat and flyaway hairs. Bottom line: this is the ultimate workout accessory and will quickly become your new best friend once you realize and take advantage of its true benefits. Toss out those old, worn out sweatbands, and give these a try. The fit comfortably without being too tight – never failing to remain in place no matter how active you get.

If you are someone who likes to express themselves with uniquely designed active wear, you are in luck! The Yogi Flex comes in several bright colors like lotus, maroon and yellow, a spirited mandala design, or classic blue, and is easy to pair with a number of active outfits. Need a last-minute shirt idea? This headband is large enough to even wrap around your chest, making for a fun and flirty top that is perfect for the beach or any other summer-related activity. If you find yourself struggling when it comes to your workout because of sweat and unruly hair, the Yogi Flex is the perfect tool for you.